The Bottletop Band

The Bottletop Band’s new album ‘Dream Service’ is now available HERE at Bottletop or  iTunes, Amazon, HMV and through all good record stores. A cross cultural all star band featuring artists from the UK and the US, working with artists from Brazil the debut album from the Bottletop Band has garnered praise from across the board:

” A cracking selection of well written songs” Uncut ****

“The experiment works” Word

“A unique sound and a sleek progression of songs” Clash 8/10

” Goes down a skanking Gorillaz path” Q Magazine ****

You can download the first single ‘The Fall of Rome’ for free by clicking on the banner in the header! Click the links on the right to see a video of the making of the album and exclusive behind the scenes footage of the recording of “The Fall of Rome” and click here to download the remix of ‘Be Together’ by Evil 9

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The Bottletop Band

    Matt ParkDrew McConnellVV BrownAndy Nicholson & Matt HeldersJagz KoonerGruff RhysMario C JrJon McClureTim BurgessJagz, Jon & TomCarl BaratGet Cape Wear Cape FlyDrew McConnell & Andy NicholsonEliza DoolittleDrew McConnellGary Powell

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